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Cook Right 4 Your Type: The Practical Kitchen Companion to Eat Right 4 Your Type

October 28, 2010 by LowCarbo  
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Cook Right 4 Your Type: The Practical Kitchen Companion to Eat Right 4 Your Type

Individualized for your blood type–more than 200 original recipes, as well as 30-day meal plans, for staying healthy, living longer, and achieving your ideal weight.

After nearly twenty years of research, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo revealed the connection between blood type, diet, and health in Eat Right 4 Your Type. Now, with a team of chefs, he helps you design a total health program that’s right for your blood type.Sale at book sale library

I dug out my copy of Peter D’Adamo’s ER4YT after being told to embrace the diet by my health care practitioner. I admit to being skeptical at first, the idea of blood type having anything to do with what you ate, how you felt and what kind of personality you had seemed a bit far-fetched. I also wondered how I would adapt to the largely unavailable whole grains and Omega-3 rich fish that I was supposed to be eating.

Unfortunately, I live in an area where whole foods are considered extravagently obsessive and seafood means shrimp and crawfish, both no-nos for me on this dieting plan. My shopping is now limited to a once a week foray into the city to the only Whole Food Market in the entire metro area! Nonetheless, I find the on-going results positive. I am eating lots of fruit, fish, the occasional chicken and turkey enhanced by lots of soy products.

I have even begun juicing again, taking my juicer down from the supply closet where it was placed when I was in my low-carb phase. I have discovered Ezekial bread which makes a fantastic toast which I admit to pathetically dreaming about while I exercise prior to eating.
I purchased this book to supplement my rather scant knowledge of vegetarian and whole food cuisine and have found it more than adequate. Each food group is represented by recipes that are specifically labeled as A, B, O or AB friendly.

In addition, there are specific A,B,O or AB ingredients added or removed in certain recipes to make them extra friendly to your type–a nice lagnaippe! I have subtracted a star only because it does not have as many fish recipes as I would like!
Best of all,I find that I have not tested any of the snack or dessert recipes. The reason for this is simple: I HAVE NOT HAD ANY DESIRE FOR SUGAR and absolutely no desire to eat in between meals.

Since my body is happily receiving what it needs, it isn’t bothering me with the constant craving I usually experience when using a different dieting plan. On the digestive end, I have not had any bloating or stomach aches, and I have been able to stop taking a popular and expensive fiber therapy!

This book is an excellent companion to the original “Eat Right 4 Your Type” book by D’Adamo (see my review on that book here on Amazon.) It contains a review of some of the material from the original book, and then branches out to include a ton of recipes. Each recipe specifies whether it is beneficial, neutral, or to be avoided by each blood type, making it easy to plan meals for one or more types.

The book has a whole range of recipes, from breads to main dishes, sauces to desserts, salads to beverages. There are 30 day menu plans for each blood type, with suggested meals and snacks. There’s even a list in the back of mail order sources for various foods some people may have trouble finding in their areas. All in all this book is a great adjunct to the previous book, and well worth buying for those who follow this health plan. If you’re using the first book, don’t hesitate to buy this book!

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