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What’s Included And Expected With The Medifast Diet? How Does It All Work?

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What’s Included And Expected With The Medifast Diet? How Does It All Work?

I write about medifast a lot. I’m often asked about the particulars of the program. Very commonly, folks want to know how exactly the program works and what is included in it. Examples of these questions are: “Do I have to see a counselor?”; “Do I have to exercise?”; “Is there anyone to answer my questions?”, etc.

Medifast has many different programs for specific needs (women’s, men’s, diabetic, metabolism boosting, etc.), but most are based on eating six times per day (five of the diet’s prepackaged meals and one “lean and green” meal on your own).

There is no membership to buy with medifast. You only pay for your food and any package will include over 140 prepackaged meals, which is enough to eat five times per day for a month. You can also buy products individually if you wish.

You do not visit a counselor or center on medifast. Online and telephone support is available. The forums are very supportive and are great because everyone is experiencing similar situations. I’ve never had a question to which I couldn’t find the answer, but no one is going to force you to speak with anyone if you don’t wish to. You basically order the food online and are given very detailed instructions and contact information should you have questions. How much hand holding you receive after this is completely up to you.

Whether you exercise or not is also your own choice. I’ve tried both approaches. While I lost weight on medifast when I wasn’t exercising, I lost more when I was. I also felt and slept better so I’ve now incorporated basic movement in my daily routine. I’m certainly no athlete or gym rat, but I figure power walking is not too much to ask and I’ve been rewarded with fabulous results.

In short, the medifast program pretty much consist of the low calorie, low carb, high protein foods. I have tried low carb in the past but it never worked for me because I am not a big meat eater and eventually I just could not do it anymore. This diet includes over 70 food choices with selections that are comfort, dessert, and snack type foods like shakes, pudding, chili, eggs, oatmeal, lattes and cappuccinos, to name only a few.

The taste of the food is decent and the diet is extremely convenient. Most of the foods only require minimal assembly and being able to not worry about points or tallying is a great plus in my opinion.

Lindsey Price is the webmaster of a medifast review website located at She is also the author of the free ebook “Getting The Most Out Of Medifast,” which includes tips, recipes, motivation and a two weeks free coupon. You can get a free copy here.

Lindsey Price often writes about medifast and has published a free medifast ebook called “Getting The Most Out Of Medifast“.  You can get a free copy at

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